Official SOS Plea From Australia: “Our Human Rights Are Gone … Australia Can No Longer Fight For Itself … We Need Your Help … We plead with you to hear our cries for help”

“Australia, once known as one of the safest and free’ist country in the world. A land of spirit and ceremony. A land of opportunity, where the hopeful came for a new start, so their children could be free and prosperous. Where the bachelor had a chance and poor men made good. A land where you were free to explore your surroundings. A land with room to spread one’s wings. A land of brotherhood, celebration and connection. A land where you came to visit and didn’t want to leave.

A land of privacy rights, medical rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to protest, freedom to worship, thanks to their sacrifice. But something happened. And the Australia we once knew, is no more.

It is no longer the land of the young and free. It is now a land of division, blackmail, coercion, discrimination, and medical apartheid.

A land where movement, speech, religion and opinion are no longer free. Protesting is illegal, police must enforce corrupt policies to keep their jobs.

Police shoot protesters in the back while they are running away. Doctors and nurses cannot speak, they will lose their license. People have lost their jobs because they don’t want the injection. Children are missing school and attempting suicide at a high rate.

We need to show our papers to go shopping. We can’t travel across state borders unless we apply for permission to. Members of parliament are censored and defamed. Pregnant women are arrested for a social media post. Activist who fight for democracy are imprisoned.

Our human rights are gone. Our human rights are GONE!

Australia can no longer fight for itself, we have been silenced, assaulted, blackmailed and psychologically damaged. We tried to fight this battle alone. The government has instilled so much fear, we have lost our vigor to fight. We are a broken nation. And although we will never give up, we need your help to continue our fight.

We need help from our international friends, we are seeking your support, to apply political and economic pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path that we are on. That is why we are organizing a world wide protest , with Australia excluded, this is an official SOS from my beautiful country. We plead with you to hear our cries for help.”