“As I Looked At The Article [Peer Reviewed Article] … I Couldn’t Believe That This Was True! … This Really Shocked Me” – Dr. Boz [Annette Bosworth, MD]

A point of note when going through this presentation is that it is clear that Dr Boz is at an early stage of discovery about what was really going on over the so called pandemic years. It is also clear that, like many, she was not aware of the true situation as opposed to the exaggerated claims that were being made and reported by governments and the complicit mainstream media.

For example, it appears that she had not yet discovered that the ‘PCR Tests CANNOT distinguish whether an infectious virus is present in a sample’. Furthermore the PCR tests were initially being run at 45 cycles which is known to produce some 97% false positives of whatever it was supposed to be trying to detect! Dr. Boz does not appear to be aware of this. More information on the fraudulent use of PCR tests can be found HERE.

The shock which Dr. Boz is clearly going through is a clear demonstration that doctors just trust what they are being told without carrying out any due diligence on what they are injecting into people’s arms!