DIRE WARNING: WHO Head (Who is Implicated in Mass Genocide in His Home Country) Is Set to Become ‘the Most Powerful And Tyrannical Health Dictator’ in The World – Able to Plunge the Entire World into Lockdown – Without Evidence – And Able to Force Inject Every Person With Whatever Experimental Poison He Wishes On Whatever Pre-Text He Wishes!

More Global Tyranny and Treason taking place and being carried out by world leaders in order to further herald in the ‘New World Order’ and ‘One World Government’.

This is just one of the reason why Donald Trump could not have been allowed to serve a second Presidential term and HE WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN, AT LEAST NOT TO AMERICA!

Please also see: https://thegreatdeception.is/big-pharma-criminality/this-creates-a-platform-for-global-governance-michele-bachmann-on-who-amendments/