How You Are Being Deceived! Pfizer’s Own Data Shows the COVID Vaccine Does “More Harm than Good” – Canadian Covid Care Alliance Reveals Pfizer’s Fraudulent Practices

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Absolute Risk Reduction Efficacy is Only 0.84% and NOT 95% as Most People Have Been Led to Believe! Furthermore, Pfizer Own Vaccine Trail Data Shows that the Vaccine Does “More Harm than Good” – according to the analysis by the Canadian COVID Care Alliance.

Pfizer claim that their inoculations were safe and effective and that it showed 95% efficacy 7 days after the 2nd dose. However, 95% was actually the RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION and NOT Absolute Risk Reduction which most people likely believe it to mean!

Most people believe that this means that the Pfizer inoculation will reduce their risk of infection and harm by 95%, but this is not true! From Pfizer’s own data, the absolute Risk Reduction is in fact only 0.84%!

The above is the true figure which people should be considering when making a decision as to whether the risk of taking the experimental emergency use injection is worth taking, especially considering that Pfizer has no liability for the harm and deaths that are occurring following inoculation with the Pfizer injections. This is yet another example of how humanity is being deceived into enrolling into a medical experiment for which there is no published “true” short or long term data.

In the above video presentation, you will see that the Canadian COVID Care Alliance has analyzed Pfizer’s own data and has established that it is causing more harm than good.

One might also want to consider that Pfizer has been fined some $2.3 billion to resolve criminal and civil allegations for the illegally promotion of a number of drugs.

More information on this FRAUD can be found on the U.S. Justice website at:

A PDF File accompanies the above reports can be viewed and downloaded below.

Is it any surprised then that Pfizer has resorted to bullying and extortion of entire countries in it’s COVID Vaccine Deals to try to protect and indemnify themselves from subsequent legal prosecution that seems likely to ensue from the injuries they know theses injections are causing. Further information can be found in this Gravitas Report.