MORE OF BIG PHARMA LIES EXPOSED! These Are Directly From The Mouth Of Pfizer CEO Himself Albert Bourla!

“And we know that em the three, the two dose of the vaccine offer very limited protection ‘IF ANY’, the three doses WITH the booster, they offer ‘reasonable’ protection”. One might well wonder what reasonable might mean! Later he even says about the third [vaccine] “is not that good against infections”!!!

And by the way, there has NEVER been a 90% efficacy or protection in the real world!

The 90% efficacy quoted is based on a ‘RELATIVE’ calculation, producing a deliberately deceptive figure which does NOT provide the level of protection the public has been lead to believe.

The REAL figure, the ‘ABSOLUTE’ number is actually less than 1% at 0.84%!

Relative figures should therefore NOT be used to describe efficacy to the general public!

And given the tricks Pfizer has reportedly used during the so called trials to try to maximize the figures they can quote, if you actually believe the Pfizer trial data to actually be accurate and not contribed, the calculated absolute efficacy is of the order of 0.84%!

More information can be found HERE and HERE!

Remember also that despite the retoric which was being pushed like ‘take the vaccine to save granny’, in a recent hearing in the EU Parliament, a senior Pfizer representative was recently forced to admit that during the Pfizer trial, Pfizer DID NOT test against transmission!

In contrast, a person well loaded up with vitamin D, reportedly has something in the order of a 70% to 80% protection against hospitalisation according to some reports!