“My Message To Doctors, Nurses And Volunteers Giving Out These Jabs, Do You Know What Harm You’ve Caused? THese Injections You’re Giving Out, They Don’t Stop You Catching COVID, They Don’t Stop You Passing It On, They Don’t Stop You Being Hospitalised Either, And They Don’t Even Stop You Dying. So What The Hell Does It Do? I’ll Tell You What It Does, It Injures People And Kills Them On A Scale We’ve Never Ever Seen Before” – Matt Le Tissier – Truth Be Told London | 21.01.2023 | Oracle Films

“So you people, before you turn up to your next shift to start injecting people and collecting your money, look the vaccine injured in the eyes and ask yourself, am I doing a good thing, or have I just convinced myself that I’m doing a good thing? And if you listen to your gut instinct, it will tell you the truth.

My last message is to the government and to the mainstream media, and let’s be honest, they are as one these days. Rishi Sunak, [boos from the crowd] yeah, Rishi, you said in an interview that I was your childhood hero and I gave you great memories when you came to the Dell and watched me play football. Well I’m asking you for a favor now in return, come and speak to me, come and speak to me and come and speak to the vaccine injured.

Come and listen, come and listen to their stories and prove that you can be a leader for everyone and not for your Overlords at the World Economic Forum. You need to start paying attention to the people you’re meant to govern. You weren’t even elected! You were maneuvered politically into your position, so you need to start doing the right thing by these people that are here today. You can start by compensating them quickly! Not them waiting years for their compensation. You could even use the money you could recoup from your mates who gave out those PPE Contracts, I’m sure they’ll be a few quids available there!

The corruption in your government is there for all to see, and I know that you’re expecting civil unrest. xxxxx Brady let that cat out of the bag. But there’s more than one way to win a war, and we’re going to do it peacefully and we’re going to do it organically.

So, Richi Sunak, it’s time to chose your side!

And that just leaves the Mainstream Media!

People like The BBC or as I prefer to call them ‘The PPC’, ‘The Pedophile Protecting Corporation’.

They, they behind us there, over the last few years have done more harm to people’s health than any man made virus could ever fu***ng do! You’re meant to hold government on account on behalf of ‘we the people’, but you’ve let us down badly, and the majority of people I believe now know this. They see you for what you are. A government propaganda arm!

So, Sky News, ITV, Channel 4, it’s time to start acknowledging the people that you’ve ignored. The vaccine injured and the bereaved. They need your help and it’s time for you also to chose your side, because we are the many and you are the few, and we are coming for you!

Thank you very much.”

– Matt Le Tissier – Truth Be Told London | 21.01.2023 | Oracle Films

Truth be Told London – a demonstration outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London on 21st Jan 2023.

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