Dr. Robert Malone – mRNA Vaccines* Pfizer, And 5th Generation Warfare…

February 14th, 2023.

“Everything is weaponsied, all media, all information, all channels, all the time.” – Dr. Robert Malone.

“In early February [2020], he time when the Whitehouse officially doesn’t even recognise that the virus is a threat, there has been meetings between the WHO, in the Whitehouse and Amazon and Google and Facebook and the major players in talking about how to control the spread of disinformation and misinformation relating to the virus and vaccines, which all appears to have been basically precooked. The entities, whoever they are, these shadowey figures who have been leading these efforts to promote a false narrative. If you are selfish and don’t take the vaccine, your gonna put others at risk and put the elderly at risk a decision making polititions that put them in a position you will agree to our terms and conditions mister politition.” – Dr. Robert Malone.

“In a world in which the government and the millitary is able to profoundly influence, what you think, believe, hear, sense, the emotions that you feel, personal sovereignty is an obsolete notion. I think that we do face a singularity and I think it’s a choice and it’s between this dark future verses a world that I think exists on the horison. What we could do is live courageously and if we stop allowing them to intimidate us we can probably take back our sovereignty a little bit.” – Dr. Robert Malone.

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