Doctor: “Patients were needlessly dying because of governments withheld policies for treating COVID! Everyone who died with COVID should be considered murdered!!!”

“Early Treatment has always been effective! I walked out of the hospital on the mandate day. I have my own practice and I’m the only person in town treating COVID patients prior to hospitalization.”

“I also watched the entire staff at the hospital, including in my unit, get vaccinated and then get COVID amongst all kinds of other ailments. So you’ve now loaded your body with millions of spike proteins and you’re a ticking time bomb for cancer, blood clots and whatever kind of ailment may come up in your body.”

“And I’m tired of hearing people go and ask doctors can they be treated for COVID and they’re only option is a vaccine or go home, or go into the hospital where you’re not going to make it out! I’ll be happy to any one of you for COVID prior going to hospital because early treatment has always worked.”

“I’m a member of FLCCC Alliance, NC Physicians for Freedom and the Medical Freedom Summit, and I would ask you all to please stop choosing fear and putting masks on our kids.”

“The vaccine is not gonna work, early treatment has always worked and government mismanagement of patients is why people have died. And families have realized this and they are rising up and they are going to come after governments and the hospitals.

I was highly decorated and highly respected and I was the November 2020 employee of excellence and I had a job opportunity this year from the chief medical director at the hospital and I chose to walk out and stand up for what is right. So putting these masks on our kids is not gonna help. Nor is vaccination and we all need to realize that. The cat is out of the bag and people are speaking globally including the inventor of the vaccine.”