“A Key Driver Is The Media And The Economics Will Follow The Hype, We Need To Use That Hype To Our Advantage To Get To The Real Issues. Investors Will Respond If They See Profit At The End Of The Process” – Exposing The ‘Global Criminal Cabal’ Using ‘Their Own Words’ Dr. David Martin Calls For The Destruction Of The WHO for Crimes Against Humanity & For Bio-Terrorism

Sept 2023 – “We did not have a pandemic. We had a genocide.” – Dr. E. David Martin

Sept 13, 2023. Dr. David E. Martin Calls For Total Destruction Of The World Health Organization (WHO) For Crimes Against Humanity & For Bio-Terrorism.

Health and Democracy Under WHO’s Proposed Rules. Expert Hearing in the EU Parliament – Dr. David Martin bravely exposes the criminal cartel WHO: Plan it, Fund it, Create it, Deploy & Profit from it.

“Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy, of criminal racketeers, resulting in global terrorism for the purpose of profiteering and murder; until we have that conversation, we’re having the wrong conversation.” He also exposes COVID as bio-weapon as part of his presentation.

The WHO must be completely disbanded, but Dr. Martin does not mention the fact that this “health” organization is ultimately just a node of the UN; therefore, the UN must first be brought to justice, along with Bill Gates and all of his co-conspirators. When that happens the WHO simply shrivels up in insolvency.

👉 Dr Martin’s Twitter/X: @DrDMartinWorld

The above text (aside from a small modification to the last paragraph) was taken from the following Rumble channel: Real Truth Real News