PCR Tests: “The Challenge Is That The False Positive Rates Is Very High … Only 7% oof Tests will be Successfully in Identifying Those That Actuall Have The Virus!” – Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab at the time of that statement was: UK Foreign Secretary (at the time of the above interview).

So, through various means, people have continually been encouraged or coerced (and in some cases forced) into taking a PCR test or tests! Indeed, the UK government has spent millions of tax payers money setting-up COVID Test Centres around the country as well as providing Mobile Test Centres.

Governments around the world (probably under the instructions of the WHO) have also had the testing labs run the PCR test with magnification cycles in the order of 40 or 45, when it is known that cycles above around 28 pretty much produces meaningless results! It has in fact been widely reported that the tests have been resulting in something like around 97% false positives! Even UK Foreign Secretary (as he was then), Dominic Raab during a TV interview, stated that only around 7% of the positive PCR test results are actual positive cases! See the above video clip!

And all the while these fraudulent test results are being added to an ongoing year-on-year tally of what is being referred to as COVID deaths and COVID cases!

The cases are being further exaggerate as follows:

When anyone is admitted to hospital for whatever reason, they are required to undertake a PCR test! If the PCR test comes back positive, regardless of what they are being admitted for, that person is added to the ongoing tally of COVID hospital cases.

And all the normal deaths occurring in hospitals for whatever reason e.g. cancer, heart disease, alzheimers and even motor accident, or any of the other multitude of conditions that people are dying of every day, if they have had a positive PCR test in the previous 28 days, regardless of the actual cause, the deaths are added to the tally which is being broadcast to the nation as COVID deaths or deaths with COVID. This was clearly intended to terrorise the public into taking the ‘so called’ COVID vaccine (which in most cases is actually ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ gene thereapy which does not meet the traditional definition of a vaccine).