A Powerful Message From The Eminent Dr Roger Hodkinson A Freedom Loving Pathologist From Canada: – “Believe Nothing You Are Being Told, It’s All Been A Pack of Lies from Start to Finish, Pure Propaganda! This is Nothing More than a Bad Seasonal Flu with Slightly Increased Risk for Older People With Cormorbidities” … “THIS IS A PANDEMIC OF FEAR”

“THIS IS A PANDEMIC OF FEAR, Fear that was intentionally driven by two major factors:

The Notorious PCR Test and the viciously effective SILENCING of ANY Counter Narrative”

“The PCR Test Creates Over 95% FALSE POSITIVES in Perfectly Well People and Drives The Graphs in the Morning Paper, where these FALSE positives are Being Called Cases! … “THEY’RE NO SUCH THING! YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!”

Dr Hodkinson is a fellow of the American College of Pathologists and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. His medical degrees are from Cambridge University (UK) and he has held a number of significant positions including:

  • Being an assistant professor at the University of Alberta
  • President of the Association of Laboratory Physicians of Alberta
  • Chairman of the Canadian Examination Board in Pathology
  • CEO of a Large Community Laboratory
  • Currently the Chairman of an American Bio-Technology Company involved in DNA Sequencing