FALSE POSITIVE: Some Truths About The PCR Covid Tests

Is this not the best PR (Public Relations) stunt/deception in history?

Making people believe that ‘The vaccinated can catch the very virus they are vaccinated against, from a healthy person who does not have the virus!

And the sad thing is that so many people have been so indoctrinated by the lies, the propaganda and the deception that is coming out of their TV sets that they appear to believe this!

It truly appears that when people are in fear, logic cannot reach them and facts do not matter!

The globalist behind this fraud and the psychologists they have enlisted to work for them are well aware of this and this explains the constant bombardment of the population with lies and misinformation from every corner of the globe.

And they will continue to go from one crisis to the next until they have achieved their final objectives!

Now all we are hearing is about Putin and the war against Ukraine. You will never hear from the mainstream media that this war (if it really is a real war and not just another massive deception) was engineered by NATO.

There appears to be an excellent article on this site (which has not yet been fully reviewed) provides an explanation of how this has been achieved. You can check it out HERE (opens in a new window/tab). .