“Planet Lockdown” – A Documentary Exposing the Fraudulent Pandemic, The Perpetrators Of What Is Likely To Become Known As ‘The Greatest Fraud In History Of Mankind’ …

W.H.O. CRIMINAL ACTS: It is alledged that the Director of W.H.O. Tedros Ghebreyesus, who himself is implicated in genocide in his home country of Ethiopia, in collusion with Gates, Fauci, Drosten, Pfizer, Moderna, Governments and others around the world fraudulently and criminally declared a Pandemic by changing the definition of a pandemic and creating ‘false case numbers’ by declaring healthy people as cases using a fraudulent PCR test. PCR tests cannot definitively determine if anyone is carrying an infectious disease period! You will find substantial evidence of this here on this website.

Please watch this informative documentary to learn more.