“We Now Have A Pandemic Really Of Sudden Death In Previously Healthy Young Kids, That’s Happening In Canada and It’s Happening In Other Countries And I Truly Believe That Parents Have The Right To Know What Is Happening!” – Dr. William Makis, MD (Full Interview)

[INTERVIEW] 34 Sudden Pediatric Deaths – Dr. William Makis, MD
By Glen Jung
Bright Light News
February 5, 2023

Six weeks. Thirty-four children, aged 2-19, whose lives were taken to early.

Causes of death were influenza, strep A, meningitis and, most worryingly, 17 sudden deaths in reportedly healthy children.

Huge safety signals are being raised and ignored. The deaths were reportedly caused by influenza, strep and meningitis, not uncommon but alarming in such a short. A proliferation of sudden unexpected deaths in exercising children…a huge safety signal, especially in the presence of an experimental mRNA vaccine technology yielding reports of unprecedented adverse events. Most horrific is the silent pandemic of sudden deaths, where govts, public health and legacy media are discrediting any experts challenging their official narrative.

Are the Covid “vaccines” a possible cause of this new phenomenon of sudden pediatric deaths?

Parents have a right to know…a right to informed consent, esp. for a novel treatment coerced into hockey rinks and gymnasiums for participation for a population with a statistically nil chance of death in healthy children.

The gross dereliction of duty on the part of govt, public health, doctors, and the mainstream media to publicize and investigate this spike in children’s deaths should be of great concern to all. Fortunately, Dr. William Makis (contact: makisw79@yahoo.com) and his team are continue to investigate these deaths, as well as those of sudden Canadian doctor deaths (interview).

The above text was taken from the following Rumble channel: Sunfellow On COVID-19