BRIBE OFFERED TO UK MP: “They Tried To Buy Me But I Said No … You Can Have Anything You Want … Back-Off And You Can Have What You Want” – Andrew Bridgen UK MP

“I think you could say that whatever’s gone on in this country has gone on in most of the countries, well certainly the deveoped countries developed countries around the world to an extent, at least as much as here. It’s clear that western countries has the best politicians that money can buy!” – Andrew Bridgen

UK MP Andrew Bridgen has become well known now for speaking out about the COVID vaccine injuries (much of which is based on the goevrnment’s own data). In this short clip, he tells Dominique Samuels how he was offered a bribe by an advisor representative from #10 [downing street] to get him to stop!

This Andrew says happened in January 2022! He didn’t stop doing his job and continued to raised his legitimate concerns, and now, surprise, surprise, he has been suspended from the conservative party!!

It seems that Andrew’s life may now be in danger! Please listen to the interview for more information.