“93 Doctors Who Have Died Suddenly Or Unexpectedly Since The Roll-Out Of The ‘COVID-19’ Vaccines … Some Of Them At Very Very Young Ages It’s Really Alarming” – Dr William Makis – Speaking in Canada

Covid 19 News November 19, 2022

Corruption in the Canadian medical establishment. Ontario is telling doctors to consider psychiatric drugs for those who won’t take the experimental mrna vaccines.

Canada’s Covid-vaccine rollout began in December 2020. Since then the data shows an increase in deaths across every age bracket, but more pronounced in younger age groups. Deaths in doctors under the age of 50 yo have occurred at double the rate that they were dying in 2019-2020. For those under 40yo, the death rate is five times higher this year than 2019-2020; and those under 30yo are dying at eight times higher rates. Three medical students/residents from one university died suddenly or unexpectedly this past summer, aged 32 yo, 27 yo and 25 yo, which Dr Makis describes as unprecedented.

The above text was taken from the Rumble channel of: AndreCorbeil