“We Even Have My Colleague Over There Who Says We’ve Saved A Million Lives With These Vaccines, That Is Utter And Complete Nonesense! Nonsense! These Vaccines Saved No One! Across The World The Most-Highly-Vaccinated-Countries Had The Worst Case Fatality Rates … And Nobody’s Doing Anything … I’ve Never Been More Terrified In My Life” – Dr. Pierre Kory

Anytime you hear data on Vaccine Injuries You Always Have To Multiply It By A Huge Factor!

“These vaccines saved no one…across the world the most vaccinated countries had the most fatalities…there is no demonstrable impact of these vaccines on death..” – Dr. Kory testified before Wisconsin’s Legislature on March 7 regarding the immunization of students.

This testimony was used to consider the possible suspension of portions of DHS Chapter 144, regarding vaccine requirements for students in schools. Following the hearing… A big win! Wisconsin’s state legislature voted to suspend DHS Chapter 144 — giving the choice to vaccinate children back to their parents!