Houston Doctor Takes Legal Action Against Big Institutional Hospital For Their Secrecy and Their Refusal to Respond to FOI Requests. – “I’m Not Going To Be Silenced, Intimidated or Bullied by … Or Anyone Else Who Wants to Target Physicians That Question The Narrative” HUGE APPLAUD – “I Have Treated Over 2000 People Successfully As Out Patients For COVID”

“One of my most valuable lessons was to take a critical view of pharmaceutical companies and not be the first person to prescribe the newest and latest drug until it has stood the test of time. And that has served me well when looking at COVID-19 and how we’re treating them. Also one of my favorite attendees at Stanford, he told me that we need to be weary of any new vaccines that come out and not to follow the herd, to take things with a critical view. I also learned about the culture of these big academic institutions. They’re rigid, they’re hierarchical and they breathe conformity.”

“When I started This Clinic, I decided to Do Things Differently … I have No Financial Ties With Any Third Parties… I have No Financial Ties With Hospitals and I have No Financial Ties with Pharmaceutical Companies” – LAUD APPLAUD From Her Colleagues. “The Only People I Work For Are My Patients And I Treat Them The Way I Would Want to Be Treated.”

Medical Freedom has been Hijacked, it has been Hijacked by Hospitals, Big Pharma, Insurance Companies and the Federal Agencies. Doctors, this is our time, we need to stand up and …. illegible because of applaud.

She Has Provided Early COVID-19 Life Saving Treatments and Saving Lives! –