GLOBALIST DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON ATTACKS? Maui, Hawaii Wildfire & Other Wildfires Around The World, Bear The Absolute Hallmark of ‘Direct Energy Weapon’ Attacks!

One observation observed by some of us is that these so called wind fires (which care NOT wild fires) always seem to start under the cover of darkness!!!

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are electromagnetic systems capable of converting chemical or electrical energy to radiated energy, which are then fired by laser beams with the speed of light on specific targets. DEWs can produce forces that range from deterrent, to damaging, to destructive. In parallel with these horrendous heat waves, there have been typhoons, hurricanes, and tsunami-like floodings around the world, most of which are also the result of geoengineering.

California’s wildfires have sparked a conspiracy theory that the fires are caused by government-directed lasers bent on destroying homes, property, and lives. There are also theories of smart meters or transformers blowing up being a cause, but that wouldn’t explain cars being “toasted” with no burnt path between the houses and the cars.

DEWs involve high energy lasers and other high power electromagnetics that use concentrated electromagnetic energy to combat enemy forces and assets. The Defense Department has spent $1 billion annually on developing these weapons to take down missile and drone threats.

The above text and video was taken from the AndreCorbeil Rumble channel.