“Didn’t It Make The Rest Of You Suspicious When You Learnt That The Entire White House Staff Was Exempt, The CDC Staff Was Exempt, The FDA Were ALL Exempt – Didn’t You Get Angry When People Started To Drop Dead And You Learned That Pfizer, Moderna … Johnson And Johnson And Astra Zenica Employees Were Exempt?” – Dr. Jane Ruby

“8 Million Chinese Students studying abroad, here, in the United States, they didn’t have to take it, how come? Our college students couldn’t go back to school without it, our college students couldn’t start college without it.

It turns out most of those Chinese, those 8 million Chinese students, and they’re probably still here in the United States now, were members of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP. And to this day, I want to point out to you, to this day, illegal invaders, 30 million of the, according to war correspondent Michael Yan, at all of our borders, do not need to take the COVID-19 shots!” – Dr. Jane Ruby.

And now the Covid ‘Criminals’ who were exempt from the shots want you to forget!

Many public officials, bureaucrats, and health authorities are falling on the sword, ahead of their genocide co-conspiracy trials, changing what really happened, and claiming they had no power to stop the lockdowns, blocking HCQ & Ivermectin, quarantines but justice is around the corner.

Dr. Jane Ruby is an American scientist, medical professional, and commentator. You can follow her Substack at https://substack.com/@drjaneruby and her work on Rumble.com/c/drjaneruby