Spike Shedding – How To Protect Your Family With Judy Mikovits, PhD

Guest Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., joins host Polly Tommey for an eye-opening conversation on the symptoms of vaccine injury in the unvaccinated. In this episode of “Good Morning CHD,” Dr. Mikovits shares with viewers not only why this phenomenon is taking place but also what to do about it. She speaks to parents and pregnant mothers, explaining why it is critical for us to be protected, informed, and have faith in these times.


Polly Tommy: “If you are a pregnant woman would you stay away from gatherings where you know people have been recently vaccinated? If you had a newborn baby, or a toddler, or anything like that, would you let them go to the playgroups…”

Judy Mikovitis: “If I were pregnant, I probably would not go in concentrated spaces with people who had been recently vaccinated, especially with more than one shot. But do understand: If they are not sick, they’re not likely shedding large amounts. So those simple procedures I just told you in nutritional support, Paximune, and healthy essential oils on your skin, is likely going to be a way that it’s not a problem. For children’s playgroups, assuming they are three and four — playgroups, often; newborns not. No vaccines for newborns. No vaccines for those children under three because those vaccines are compromising immune systems that haven’t developed…”

The above was taken from the following Rumble channel: Sunfellow On COVID-19