“We’re Taking Things That Are, You Know, Genetically Modified Organisms And We’re Injecting Them In Little Kids Arms, We Just Shoot Them Right Into The Vein” – A Glimpse Into The Mind of Globalist Bill Gates

Whenever you see Bill Gates talking, watch his body language! He simply cannot help but laugh when he is talking about people suffering and about the global agenda which is hidden in plain sight. This is clearly not the behavior of a normal person that has empathy for the suffering of others.

What Are The Traits Of A Sociopath?

What are considered sociopathic traits or sociopathic traits? Here are some of the potential signs and traits of a person with antisocial personality disorder:

A lack of empathy for others
Little to no genuine remorse
The manipulation of other people
Lying and deceit
A sense of superiority over others
Little to no regard for right or wrong
The belief that rules do not apply to them
Getting into legal trouble or a little regard for the law
A lack of responsibility or engaging in irresponsible behaviors
Aggression or hostility
The exploitation of other people
Substance use