FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request Reveals Pfizer Fraud & Criminal Conspiracy From Their Own Data Which They & The FDA Sought to Keep Hidden From The Public For 75 Years!

Dr. Jane Ruby Show

“Team Enigma brought us startling revelations of how the lot numbers of Pfizer and Moderna show not only how the death and disability is distributed but how the companies are working together to pace out the most deadly lot numbers, may of which are still in circulation and they also found that they can contain up to 1.5 million doses per lot.

The team also discovered through their expert statistical analysis that the vials contain may different and unknown things due to the tremendous variations and injuries per lot numbers. And from their own top line review of the March first Pfizer FOIA release, that Pfizer and the FDA sought to keep hidden for 75 years, the team now has discovered the proof that these companies committed fraud by intentionally skipping the FDA required safety testing, much of which I’ve been calling out for the last 6 – 12 months from my experience in Pharma industry on the medical side.” – Dr. Jany Ruby.

I was shocked and I’m not surprised that they were fighting to keep it secret for 75 years because at the minimum this demonstrates tremendous incompetence, but we know better now to call it incompetence, it’s collusion and fraud.” – Team Enigma

“The shocking part is what the manufacturers is doing but also the FDA is not pushing back at all.” – Team Enigma