“There Is No Education In Medical Schools That I’m Aware Of … Around Vaccines, Their Contents, Safety Records, Informed Consent, Or The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program … We Are Taught To Memorise The Vaccine Schedule! … I Didn’t Personally Do My Due Diligence On Vaccination … I’m As Culpable As Any Other Medical Professional Because I Did Not Do My Homework When It Came To Vaccination” – Dr. Daniel Neides MD’s Journey From Allopathic Rockefeller Medicine/Vaccines to Integrative Medicine and Natural Wellness

(2017) – Dr. Dan Neides, former medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, discusses how an innocent article about vaccine safety ended his career there. Dr. Neides’ column “Make 2017 the year to avoid toxins (good luck) and master your domain: Words on Wellness” earned him “anti-vax” status from the national media and medical establishment and resulted in demands that he apologize and be fired.

You can read what he says at: http://tinyurl.com/p597p7vp