“I Will Say … To Every Single Member In Elected Elected Government Around The World If You Do Not Unequivocally Stand With The People And Server In Their Best Interest, You Have No Place In Any Parliament Or In Any Government. You Belong Behind Bars – You May Even Rot In Hell For All I Care At This Point Because That Is Exactly What You Deserve If You Sell Out The People!” – Christine Anderson MEP

MP Christine Anderson said she Stands with “The People” …. It’s either “Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law” or SLAVERY!

MP Anderson will NOT Shut UP and she will continue to GO AFTER and EXPOSE these Despicable Globalitarian Misanthropists (A person who hates the human species)! I call them Elite Satanic Globalists!
If They want you to wear a MASK …. “Say No!”
If They want you to take a JAB … “Say No!”
If They want to impose a CURFEW on you … “Say No!”

Christine Anderson – MEP