“The Newest Most Successful, Most Dynamic, NO Nonesense News Station And Defenders Of Free Speech, That Is My Friends At GB News, Thank You For Everything That You Do, JUST INCREDIBLE!” Priti Patel – UK Gov Minister

It was quite shocking to see Priti Patel, a UK government minister praising GB News, since GB News are the only now mainstream news station that strives to provide some semblance of the truth and since the government agency OfCom has apparently been trying suppress free speech at GB News. See below.

It appears the OfCom, the UK regulator have been doing it’s darnedest to stifle the free speech which has been coming from GB News particularly with regards to presenters on the station exposing the injuries and deaths being caused by the COVID vaccines.

It appears that OfCom was instrumental in getting GB News presenter Mark Styne (who has been interviewing the COVID vaccine injured and families of the bereaved on TV) removed from the station.