“Re-Analysis Of Randomized Control Trial Data From Both Moderna And Pfizer Reveals One Is More Likely To Suffer A Serious Adverse Event [Hospitalization or Death] From The COVID-19 Vaccines Than To Be Hospitalized With COVID-19” – Dr. Aseem Malhotra – Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Aseem Malhotra shares some insights from his most recent publication, published in the peer reviewed ‘International Journal of Insulin Resistance’. In this brief he reminds us that:

“Prescribed medications are now estimated to be the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer.” – Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Dr Malhotra also speaks of the ‘Regulatory Capture’ of the health agencies that are supposedly there to protect us:

“Guardians that are supposed to protect the public are in fact funded by the very corporations that stand to gain from the sale of those medications.” – Dr. Aseem Malhotra