UK Parliament to Debate Excess Deaths – Speaking of Both Major Parties: “It’s Really Utterly Unfathomable Why They’re Both Silent” – Dr. John Campbell


BUT, I suspect very few will turn up. Why will MPs not attend this essential debate?

Dr. John Campbell shares a clip from one of Andrew Bridgen’s previous parliamentary debate showing a mass walk-out of MPs when Andrew Bridgen is called. Could this demonstrate a conspiracy of silence? In an earlier interview with Andrew Bridgen, Andrew indicated that an attempt was made to silence him.

“They Tried To Buy Me But I Said No … You Can Have Anything You Want … Back-Off And You Can Have What You Want” – Andrew Bridgen UK MP That interview can be seen here.

Note that Andrew Bridgen was subsequently permanently expelled from the Conservative party! Very telling some might say!

Andrew Bridgen’s parliamentary speech is scheduled for 20th October 2023.