Smart Cities Will Usher In TOTALITARIANISM: Utah Lt. Gov. FREAKS OUT When Asked About 15 Minute City!

Smart Cities are the globalists’ next plan to empower governments and enslave humanity. Jason Preston is here to talk about his confrontation with Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox about his support for 15 minute cities.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox spoke at a luncheon last year and the focus of the event was to promote “Smart Cities”. His reaction that was caught on video suggests he is trying to hide something.

The Lt. Governor also claimed he has never heard of the World Economic Forum and yet his website displayed a WEF photo. The video was shot at Utah’s GOP state convention where Lt. Governor Cox was later booed when it was his time to speak. Much of the Utah GOP has been co-opted by corrupt uni-party RINOS.

It is time to win back our states and put legal protections in place to fortify against federal overreach.

The above text was taken from the following Rumble channel: Stew Peters Network