The Real Jacinda Ardern… “One Of The Most Monsterous Leaders In New Zealand’s History And Certainly One Of The Monsters In The World … Really One Of Justin Trudeau’s Evil Twins” – Liz Gunn

One year on from the invasion of Freedom Village at Parliament, here is our “homage” to the woman who sanctioned the police brutalising of gentle Kiwis.

“Rumours that you got 25, 29 million? It’s not worth it, it was never worth it betraying your country. What have you doe this for? Why did you betray us like this? There’s no power, there’s no foe status, there’s no pathetic Dame-hood or Knighthood, Ashley Bloomfield you awarded him a Knighthood, that terrible Minister of head of the department of health who directed so many Kiwis who begged him for exceptions, begged him for exceptions. One whom I actually interviewed said I had to be brought back to life by the crash cart because it caused asphyxiation, it caused her throat to swell up. She wrote to Ashley Bloomfield, he writes back, no no no no you don’t get an exemption … And you in your new years honors awarded him a Knighthood…” Liz Gunn