“The Heads Of NIH And CDC Have Known First About My Case And Thousands Of Others … We Have Literally Asked And We Have Begged Repeatedly For Them To Acknowledge These Reactions, They Declined … For a lack of support on their part [AstraZenica], we have had to re-finance our home to pay for our medical expenses” – Injured Trial Participant, Brianna Dressen

“They know that their lack of acknowledgement has created insurmountable barrier to our ability to received medical care from doctors who rely on these agencies for information. They know about `bout the issues with the clinical trials, they know about the deaths, they know about the lack of follow-up on VAERS, they know about the injuries to children, they know about Maddie, I have discussed Maddie with them. They know about mandates imposed on the injured, they know about the suicide as a result of months long suffering. They know about the aggressive censorship, they know about the media censorship. They know about the scientific censorship, THEY KNOW ALL OF IT! And they have for months!” – Injured Trial Participant, Brianna Dressen