Global Cyber Pandemic Planned – They are So Confident That They Cannot Be Stopped That They Are Even Providing Hints As to What’s to Come! Hear it Yourself from Schwab & His WEF (World Economic Forum) Cronies

July 2021

And of course it will all be blamed on Russia!

The Internet will go down, at least for most of us, and all sources of energy (Gas Electric) will be removed! This will also mean that no-one will be able to make purchases from any of the large stores or food chains as the electronic tills of the major stores will not function. This will also mean that you cannot purchase fuel from the gas pumps.

At the time of writing this (March 2022), it would appear that since the war between Russia and Ukraine has begun, this next major phase in the planned global ‘Great Rest’ which will herald in the ‘New World Order’ may not be far away.