Staff Nurse Tiffany Dover Collapses on live TV 17 minutes after receiving Experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection

The Media and the fake fact checkers have reported that her collapse was not connected to the injection. Tiffany was recorded on a short video where she explained that it was not unusual for her to collapse when she experiences pain. However, facilities administering the injections were advised to monitor those receiving the injections for reactions for some 15 minutes following the jab. There has also been many reported incidents of people collapsing within the facilities within minutes of being jabbed. Examples of such collapses following the jab can be seen here, here and here!

Search results from online state records within the state in which she lived was showning that Tiffany Dover has died. Since those records were being exposed, the record appears to have been expunged from the online search results. Staff Nurse Tiffany Dover who has young children and who was an active social media user has not been seen on social media following her collapse on live TV.