Nurse [Erin Marie Olszewski] speak out about a NYC hospital she worked in killing patients and lying about COVID-19 cases which she witnessed again and again!

“The thing is, is they’re coming in with difficulty breathing, and a lot of these patients are really coming in with anxiety because everybody is, they’re scared and when I was back home I was working out in the tents and most people who were coming through were coming though with like symptoms of eh, just anxiety, eh, they’re worried and they’re breathing fast then they get all nervous and this is why they’re coming in …. we’re in a public hospital, they need the funding, so, taken em, they take them, em and they tell them pretty much that if they don’t get on a vent, then the probably not gonna survive. But the reality is, if they do get on that vent, the likelihood of them walking out of the hospital is slim to none.”