Fed Govt Influenced Charges Against Officer Investigating SIDS (Sudden Infant Deaths) – Donald Best

Whistleblower and former Toronto Police sergeant, Donald Best, has been following the internal Ottawa Police trial and investigation into Det. Helen Grus (latest from Donald Best’s site HERE) for alleged “discredible conduct” with an explosive revelation: written evidence shows that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) influenced the charges against her to stifle the serious adverse events of the Covid-19 mRNA shot.

While investigating 9 sudden infant deaths (SIDS) and the vaccination status of the mothers in 2022, Det. Helen Grus of the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) unit was told by a supervisor to “shut up about it, don’t talk about it.” The ramifications of corruption in this case implicate Big Pharma, the federal govt and police forces acting as mere goon squads for corporate interests. With politics having precipitously infiltrated police forces since Covid-19, Best warns, “Any time you have politics involved in policing, justice goes right out the window.”

The above text was taken from the Rumble channel: Bright Light News

Whistleblower and former Toronto Police sargeant, Donald Best website: https://donaldbest.ca/