“Avoiding Vaccination Ain’t Enough … The End Game For What’s Going On Is Totalitarian Control Whereby In Order To Get About And To Do Anything You’re Going To Have To Show A Digital ID … If They Took A Dislike To Me, For Example, They Could Literally Cancel Me!” – Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. Mike Yeadon:
“Once you’ve got a digital ID, and they [say], ‘You can’t buy this cheap bread without sharing [digital ID]. If they say next week, ‘You can’t buy bread without sharing [digital ID],’ or the week after, ‘You can’t buy food without it.’

They literally changed the conditions. All it requires is a massive network and your digital ID, beep, into the system…. The database and the algorithms [would] determine whether you are [permitted] to enter somewhere or leave somewhere, [and] whether you’re able to buy or sell any particular thing at any moment. That’s the end of democracy; that’s the end of freedom.”