“At The Highest Levels People Are Being Instructed To Silence, Suppress, Coerce, Bully The Truth About This Particular Issue” – Naomi Wolf on Mark Steyn GB News

Mark Steyn of GBNews interviews Dr. Naomi Wolf on October 4th and October 5th, 2022.

GBNews – The only mainstream media where you will get some semblance of the truth. Unfortunately through pressure from Offcom (The UK Communications Regulator), Mark Steyn is no longer at GBNews!

“I know exactly how this silencing is being enforced. Doctors and nurses are coming to us saying that if they even given their patients informed consent, meaning any hint of the massive risks attached, now confirmed with these mRNA injections, they get letters saying they’ll be de-licensed and some of them are being de-licensed…” – Dr. Naiomi Wolf.

“This is why I’m not ashamed to say at this point I’ve got so much evidence, this is why I believe these are bioweapons because they are literally sterilizing people, they poisoning breast milk … they’re damaging the placentas of women … and they’re de-masculating men, essentially.” – Dr. Naiomi Wolf.