GBNews: Lawrence Fox With Dr. Tina Peers on CV Vaccine Efficacy…

“We know from the Pfizer studies themselves that they said to the women in the studies, you must not get pregnant, you must use contraseptive, you mustn’t get pregnant under any circumstances. And human nature being what it is, 25 women did get pregnant, and out of the 25 pregnancies, there were 15 miscarriages, which means that’s 58% miscarriage rate for women who were vaccinated and became pregnant. And out of the 9 babies that were brorn, 5 had congenetial abnormalities, so this is a complete disaster, absolute disaster, and we’ve seen miscarriage and still-born baby rates go up inormously actually. In Scotland, the nroaml rate is 2 in a 1000 and it’s gone up to 4.9 in a 1000 which is the higest level for over 10 years.”

“And if you look at VAERS reports and the MHRA Yellow Card System and EU Vigilance, then it’s all there, lot’s of miscarriages lots of eh, some centers are reporting a 78% miscarriage rate which is extraordianry, quite extraordinary. Em, and infertility, there was a study in Israel looking a male infertility, they looked at sperm count in male 24 to 26 who should be, you know, firing good stuff, and they had, they found, they did it before they had any vaccines, which is the baseline, and then at various intervals after the second dose and even at 6 months, their sperm count was down 15.9% and the motility was down 22%.”

Dr. Tina Peers.

One might reasonably ask the question, why did Pfizer so adamantly advise the women in the trials not to get pregnant? Some might contend that the reason was that Pfizer knew what would happend and they didn’t want those incidents to show up in their trial data! How might they have known what would likely happen? Possibly from the anaimal studies of mRNA injections which had been carried out over a period of years.