Aaron Russo’s America: ‘Freedom to Fascism’ (2006) – Unlawful Taxation

‘Freedom to Fascism’ is a 2006 American documentary by filmmaker and activist Aaron Russo, covering a variety of subjects that Russo contends are detrimental to Americans.

Topics include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the income tax, Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags, Diebold electronic voting machines, globalization, Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by the government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.

When watching this documentary, ALL MUST COMPREHEND, that there are TWO SYSTEMS OF LAW. One is the system of law, that almost everyone BELIEVES is the law, which is Common Law and Criminal Law. The other is a system of corporate statutes, also referred to as statute law. And it is THIS system, that rules in total & complete violation of Common Law and Criminal Law, in the ENTIRE global human farm of today. Thus, when you see, and hear, in this documentary, that a judge does not allow Supreme Court decisions, or the Law, in his courtroom, or you see and hear the statements of other judges, that act in total & complete contradiction to & violation of Common Law or Criminal Law, which you believe is the law, it is because ALL judges of today DO NOT REPRESENT THE SYSTEM OF LAW, THAT YOU THINK OR BELIEVE THEY DO.

Judges of today are — ALL — COMMERCIAL bankers, representing the commercial globalist system of UCC law. UCC is short for Uniform Commercial Code.

To learn more about this fraudulent and criminal system of UCC statute law, that rules alone in this human slave farm (that’s what it is) of today, please watch the following presentations (some of which are also inserted in the list (at the bottom in this description) of other documentaries that you can also watch, to learn more about the world that we live in, and how and why it runs the way it does.

The above text was taken from the RAVries Rumble Channel.