“This Is My Son Stephen, He Died On The 26th Of January 2021, 10 Days After His First AstraZeneca Vaccine” – Anne Wright – Truth Be Told London | 21.01.2023 | Outside The BBC Building

“He was vaccinated early because he worked for the NHS and he was led to believe that the vaccine was safe and effective. And he was even pleased as Charlotte had said on the Oracle film he was glad that he was having the, what he called the British One, the AstraZeneca.

Stephen was absolutely amazing as a son, a husband, a brother, and a father to his two little beautiful boys, who have now been left to grow up without their dad. The oldest was seven when Stephen died two years ago. The youngest was 14 months, so he’ll never remember his dad, and it’s had a profound affect on the entire family. We’re all absolutely heart broken, and if I could tell you how many tears I’ve shed over the last two years. No parent expects that their children will go before them.

The government lead us to believe that this vaccine was safe and effective and because of that Stephen’s lost his life. This family has lost him, he was such a kind, funny, just such a gentle soul, and he’s a huge lost to the world and to us. He had an amazing job as a clinical psychologist. He studied for eight years at University to get to that point. He was just about to start a new job at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and he worked with children. And I know from all the comments we’ve received since his death that he was a good clinical psychologist and the children he looked after benefited from his support and the world has now lost that as well as us losing our son.

Stephen had suffered a Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, combined with low platelets which caused a massive brain hemorrhage. He died very very quickly on the 26th of January. And I just want to say thank you to everyone here for supporting the vaccine injured and bereaved. We’ve all been through so much over the last two years. Thank you.”

– Anne Wright – Truth Be Told London | 21.01.2023 | Oracle Films

Truth be Told London – a demonstration outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London on 21st Jan 2023.

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