Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes Exposes the Secrecy, Lack of Democracy with this Blatant Example of the Lack of Transparency by the EU Regarding the Vaccine Manufacturers Contract – “I’m Asking You Guys, Is This Transparency, Do You See Anything?”

Poignant Quote: “When the Government Knows Everything About You, That’s TYRANNY, When You Know Everything About Your Government, That’s Democracy”

In this short presentation, MEP Cristian Terhes disclose the details of the contracts negotiated and signed by the EU with the Vaccine Manufacturers which they want to mandate to EU citizens!

Note also that the EU Masters have stated that they have made the contracts available to the MEPs!!! Take a look for yourself and see if you agree that the details of the contract has been disclosed.

Please watch through to the end where you will see the redacted contract which the EU claim they have made available to MEPS. What do you suppose the Unelected EU Bureaucrat are hiding? You can bet that it won’t be pretty!

Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes Exposes the EU’s Secrecy and lack of Transparency with the Vaccine Contacts

WHAT ABOUT AMERICA? Following a Freedom of Information Request (FOI), the FDA has refused to disclose details of the contract with Pfizer! The FDA wishes to hold that information secrets until the year 2075! Think there is anything fishy about that?

Governments around the world are all in Lock-Step wanting to mandate the so called COVID-19 Vaccines (which is actually not a vaccine according to the traditional definition of a vaccine), but they will fight tooth and nail not to reveal the details of the contracts they have signed with the Vaccine Manufacturers.

Now might be a good time to remind folks of some of the criminal fines imposed on Pharmaceutical Companies for the fraudulent and criminal practices. Search the web for ‘Pharmaceutical companies criminal fines‘ for more information.

This website has reported a list of violations and criminal fines imposed on Pfizer, for example. You can see that fines are listed amounting to a staggering $5,637,014,255 for safety related issues (across 15 records). https://violationtracker.goodjo