Rampant Vaccine Death Coverups: Man Dies 2 Days after 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine And Despite a Report being made to VAERS, There was No Mention of the Vaccine on Death Certificate! “It Was Shocking and Infuriating and It Makes Me Not Trust Any of The Data that’s Been Put Out There” – Mans’ daughter

Diseased man’s daughter: “If anyone doesn’t believe that this vaccine is killing people, I would tell them to call me, because I lived it, I watched it, he would be alive right now if he had not gotten the vaccine.”

Independent doctor’s comment: “I’ve actually never seen it in my entire career, if a family came to me, or the patient, and said, look, I looked at my medical record and this was documented incorrectly or I want to add this to the documentation, based on the history, we never hesitated in the past to never add anything to a medical record. It’s part of the historical information!

I’ve never seen this before in my career, I cannot understand they are fighting with her to not put this in there. She’s not asking them to say this was a direct cause, she’s just asking them to put the information that occurred there. There was nothing else that this man did 48 hours before other than get a vaccine that was under emergency use that at the time we had no long term and minimal short term data at.”