Grand Jury Investigates Crimes Against Humanity! – The Light Newspaper

THE State-Corporation is stripping our rights at alarming pace and it is becoming increasingly apparent that we cannot rely on the government, police or courts to protect our interests or administer justice.

In December 2021, a case lodged with the Metropolitan Police presented cast iron evidence of criminality in relation to the UK’s covid ‘vaccine’ program, but the Met astonishingly announced that its ‘assessments found no evidence of an offence’.

This is a stark reminder that nobody is coming to save us — we must do
it for ourselves. We can reinstate our sovereign power with knowledge and application of our unalienable rights and appropriate peaceful political action, but we must do this as a matter of urgency.

Taking the lead is the People’s Court of Public Opinion (PCPO) – a group of 11 international lawyers and a judge, who, unable to find a court to hear evidence of crimes against humanity, are conducting their own investigation modeled on United States Grand Jury proceedings. It is an investigation of the people, by the people, for the people, and has already held lengthy hearings to showcase evidence of covid-related crimes levied on the world by leaders and their accomplices.

The PCPO seeks to empower public conscience through natural law – that is, the unalienable rights every one of us has at birth. These rights existed before the creation of the state and cannot be removed by legislation.

Natural law confers legitimacy to the people to defend fundamental rights by LOUIZE SMALL and freedoms if their state has become tyrannical. It is now clear there is a failure of justice systems to protect the people from tyranny. It is our duty to future generations to resist such oppression and tyranny.

The aims of the PCPO include raising awareness of the impending collapse of hijacked systems, and the actions that we can take to build new systems of education, health care, economics, and justice.

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