Report: Fraudulent COVID Vaccine Trials: “Researcher Blows the Whistle on Data Integrity Issues in Pfizer’s Trial” – Quote from a Report by ‘The British Medical Journal’

Mum speaking about her teenage daughter, Maddy, who as a participant in the Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial was severely injured – “She can’t walk, she’s in a wheelchair”.

“Like Maddy’s Trail we had a tracking app. Like Maddy’s trial our tracking app had ‘per-designated symptoms in a bullet list’ with NO FREEFORM TO ADD ANY OTHER SYMPTOMS. So anything like, tinkling, tremors, seizures, para-seizures, heart problems, limb weakness.

There was no way for us to track that through the app.” – Injured AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Trial Participant. Note also that her injury was apparently NOT reported in AstraZeneca’s resulting trial data! Apparently her data was either lost or deleted!!!