WHO Whistle Blower on the Pandemic and The COVID Vaccine – Dr Astrid Stuckelberger – Former WHO Collaborator Scientist

So, this is going to go on forever, because what they’re doing, you can see it happening now, it’s that those who got vaccinated thought that the vaccination would liberate them. And on the opposite, they’re vaccinated, they depend on what they call the mutation, they’re using this as a gimmick. So, there’s a mutation, always with the wrong test, there’s a mutation, a new vaccine, so not only people have to take two vaccines now, which is also unprecedented, with an experimental injection, but now, they have to keep on wearing masks. And they have to keep on doing lock down and distancing. It doesn’t stop anything.”

“They think they’re going to travel, but then they will have an ID vaccine passport that will force them to get vaccinated regularly, so they can control them more and more, their health, maybe eliminate them. It’s really criminal. So, the fact that we see that the plan is done for 2031 in the papers of the governments, and you have to look for it, is already a plan.

The other sign, is that John Hopkins University has issued a Plandemic Plan for SPARS, 2025 – 2028, so they will not stop! They will keep on. As long as people believe, they’re going to make them believe SPARS and everything, and every flu is going to be transformed in a drama drumming. So every flu, you’re sick and you’re going to die.

And people are so afraid of death, they think they give their life risk to people who lie to them. They believe in a government that lies to them.”

“They’re using fear. Those who are fearful and don’t change, will probably die! So, I’m just calling people to wake up and take back your health. Don’t believe in the governments. They are creating a perpetual pandemic … This is the worst nightmare you can have, to be in perpetual fear forever.”

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