“I Would Love To Be The New Farage”: Eva Vlaardingerbroek On The Dutch Farmer Protests And ‘Nexit’

Winston of The Spectator speaks with Dutch legal philosopher, writer and political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek. Three and a half years of farmer demonstrations against technocratic environmentalist policy has culminated in election victory for the farmers of one of the world’s great farming nations. What happened? How did it happen? Eva explains the different worldviews in contention, gives her perspective on net zero and argues the Dutch case for ‘Nexit’.


00:00 – Introduction.
01:20 – What exactly is the ‘nitrogen crisis’ and how is it impacting Dutch farmers?
20:31 – The rise of the Dutch farmers party and political divisions in the Netherlands.
29:20 – The farmer protests this summer and its tactics.
37:42 – How have the Dutch media covered the protests and the elections?
44:44 – Euroscepticism and the chances of ‘Nexit’?
47:30 – The case against net zero and what is a perfect consumer?

The above text snippet was taken from The Spectator YouTube Channel.

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