Dr. Robert Malone Explains Mass Formation Psychosis: Once Society Has Been Captured With the Fear and Constant Threats, All of Which Could be Totally False… “It doesn’t matter how much information I Provide to Them, How Many Papers I Provide to Them, How Much Data I Provide to Them, They Can’t See It!”

How governments and their allies use psychologists in collusion with the media to covertly influence the public on a mass scale. For example, if you are constantly pushing a big lie with fear porn on the population over and over and over again and again you’re effectively influencing their belief system without the crowd/population realizing that they are being heavily and covertly deceived. Its almost like mass hypnosis. Once the public has been captured in this way, it doesn’t matter how much factual information you place in front of them, they are so blinded that they cannot see it!