“They Will Threaten You, They Will Put You in a State of Fear … For Saving Lives” – Dr. Ryan Cole | Highlight from Senator Ron Johnson’s ‘COVID-19: A Second Opinion Round Table’

“I’ve treated 400 patients [for COVID-19], not a single one has gone to the hospital, not a single one has died, half of those were elderly, Cormorbid, high risk.”

“They threaten you and it’s this looming threat without definition. You’re spreading misinformation, ‘oh do cite the papers in which I’m spreading misinformation’, they will not define that! They will attack you, they will threaten you, they will put you in a state of fear and say YOU CAN ONLY DO WHAT WE SAY, BUT DON’T SAVE A LIFE! … So, they threaten us and threaten us and threaten us and we’re hunted for caring and being compassionate and pathetic and wanting to help humanity.”

“I’ve treated 500,000 patients, or diagnosed 500 patients’ diagnostically in my career and I’ve not had one single complaint against me. I have four complaints against licenses in four different states for saving lives, so the adverse reaction from these drugs is being attacked for being a good doctor. That’s the bad adverse reaction and I know many of my colleagues on this panel as well.”

Senator Ron Johnson’s ‘COVID-19: A second Opinion Round Table’ from which this video clip was taken can be seen in full HERE.