“I Know So Many Health Care Professionals Who Know, OK! And It’s Time to Stand Forward Because You Are Not Working in The Best Interest Of Your Patients! Please do, it’s our duty of care” – UK Nurse Who Was Fired After Attending The London Human Rights/Freedom Rally in London – 29 August 2020!

“I have seen family been turned away at the door, crying! Why can’t they wear a mask? Why can’t they just go in with a mask? No, No, No, Not Allowed! They’re just not allowed in, FULL STOP! … All these people, they cannot see their mum’s, they cannot see their children! THEY’RE NOT ALLOWED!”

“They are destroying the very basis of care by withholding the best interest for the individuals. Their best interest is their choice, it’s their rights, and it’s their loved ones. It’s their family, that’s what’s in their best interest. If you want to get better, you want to be healthy, you need love, OK, you need to be happy. They’re taking that away.”

“It’s OK for nurses to dance around making ‘Tick-Tock’ videos within works time, whilst rehearsing for an hour, within the middle of a pandemic, that’s OK to represent nurses isn’t it … But if I stand up for human rights, oh, no, no, no, I just get shut down!

“Be careful, medical staff, nurses, anyone in the healthcare system, be careful. It’s not good, and I don’t know how you’re carrying on with it, cause I know you know!”

“I know so many health care professionals who know, OK. And it’s time to stand forward because you are not working in the best interest of your patients, OK. Please do, it’s our duty of care.”

“So, yeah, I’ve been fired OK, which is all good. I was there representing the people who I care for, because I’m a nurse, I care! So, no regrets at all. This will go further, no doubt. I’m just hoping from this exposure that more people come forward. If you want to come forward anonymously, get in touch, I’m you gal.”

“Whilst everyone was off in August, gallivanting on 50% eating shit loads of food, people still haven’t seen their family for 5/6 months, and I can’t live with that. I can’t do it. I can’t live with that. I can’t work in the environment and I can’t I cant do it. It’s too much. I refuse to work against these medical tyranny rules and laws which are killing people. People don’t have the will to live, they’re stuck inside!”

“Anyway, I don’t want to get upset, I was there for them. I don’t regret a single thing. But please people, you need to come forward. Come forward and act now. OK, we all have a voice, we all have a choice and we all have rights and they are taking them away. Stand up, speak out, grow a pair of balls, it’s doable, I’ve done it, I’m here, jus please, I can’t cope.”