“I Cant Lie Anymore … On Friday There Were 3 People In With COVID & That Covers Trulis, West Cornwall & Hale Hospital … It’s No Longer Our NHS … TODAY I’M PUBLICALLY RESIGNING”

“The total deaths from these three hospitals in 7 months is 76 people. That’s about 10 people a month over the last 7 months and we have locked down.”

“Lots of people have to start speaking out, there’s lot’s of doctors and nurses that have come forward. They’re all on restricted duties, they’re ll seeing solicitors etc. Well I’ve decied there’s no point, I’ve gone agsinst the rules within the NHS, I have shared confidential information that people need to see, OK?”

“As much as I’ve always loved our NHS, it’s no longer our NHS. It’s run by the corrupt government and the other people running this country.”

“I can tell you now that when I was working at the height of the plandemic, I had no work for 3 weeks, because there was no patients!”

“We have a particular COVID ward, none of the wards were overflowing with COVID patients and they’re not now. The mainstresam media have filled you with fear.”

“And do lot’s of you know that the flu and COVID cases are now combined as the same thing.”

“You might now realise as well that the flu numbers, they gone right down, where have they gone?”